︎︎︎ The Chariot

For the end of the Original Creator Network, Guap magazine and Adidas partnered to produce an incredible exhibition celebrating creativity. 
The event, held at Omaka Gallery in Vauxall,London, showcased the works from the Originals investigating the theme of “Creative Futures”. 

Responding to that topic, I developed the Chariot, an art installation inspired by tarot cards. 
Tarots are largely believed to predict the future, and are often associated to magic and occult. In reality though, the tarots are more of a visual system than a fortune telling item. This project reclaims tarot cards as a cultural object for further visualisation, and as a way to explore possibilities, digging deeper into our intuition.

Tarots have been recently getting a lot more attention, and especially after the pandemic they have known new popularity across the world. 
The reason for people’s interest in tarots is the presence of several archetypes in the deck, presenting charachters and situations that are familiar with everyone. 

The querent asking a question to the deck can feel seen and understood by the combination of cards laid before them. 
There are endless questions one could ask the deck, as well as different layouts used for specific situations.
The spread of the Chariot is used to ask guidance when you know where you want to be, but you can’t articulate how to get there. I asked my tarots how to achieve the creative future I desire, and decided to translate that lesson with visual art.

The installation features six screens arranged just like the cards in the spread of the chariot, showing six pieces of moving art made using Cinema4D.

This project acts as an encouragement for us as creatives to look inwards to our Self and achieve the creative future we want.

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