︎︎︎ Floating Dots 

Floating Dots is the name of the final exhibition organized by the students of Goldsmiths University’s MA in Digital Media and Photography.
Held in July 2021, the event showcased a wide range of projects of different mediums. 

The choice of the name came from observing how each student’s body of work and artistic research floated in the exhibition’s context in its own original and unique way. 

The identity features dots made of overlapping gradients, to show how different practices and people can collide to make something beautiful.

The floating orb also became a symbol for the union of digital and analogue material produced by the artists during the MA.

Main poster design to promote our website, socials and event.

Check Floating Dots’ artists on their Instagram and on their website.

All the artists collaborated to give life to this project. 
Special thanks to all of them 

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