︎︎︎  INO: It’s Not Over 

INO is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 2022 by Princess Shodipo. INO is a safe space for creatives to unwind and learn skills to help their mental health. It also offers pressure-free networking opportunity. The mission of INO is to help and empower creatives who are experiencing burnout or feeling stressed about their careers. The events organized will feature a wide range of activities from creative, hands on workshops, to panel talks and exhibitions. Meetups will be scheduled and creatives will be able to sign up through INO's website.

INO's identity combines fresh and modern typography with the use of secondary colors.
Truthful to the brand's values and objectives, the identity is molded to reflect ideas of creativity and warmth.

A simple logo design means easy recognition. Your logo must be both versatile and memorable. Good logos have that certain something — an unexpected quality without being overdesigned.

Shaped by the idea of simplicity and memorability, INO's logotype features bold typographic choices, such as the mix of curves and sharp edges. Its groovy style makes it refreshing and recognizable.

The primary palette contains the core colors that must be used across all communication channels.
Using these colors consistently will help reinforce a brand's identity.

Since the colors are quite bold, it would be best to use them as accents, or pairing them in groups of two rather than using the four of them at once.

Alternatively, it is possible to use the gradient, made of the same four colors featured in the identity.

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