︎︎︎ (Im)Perfect Campaign

As soon as we are born we are taught the concepts of "beautiful" and "ugly". We learn that blue eyes and slim legs mean being beautiful, while braces and messy hair are synonymous of being ugly.

Society keeps on praising a particular kind of beauty and tells people that they should fight against their so-called flaws and get active to eliminate them.

 This is why most people feel pressured not to expose stretch marks, acne, scars, wrinkles and all kinds of features that are totally normal for our bodies to have and that don't define our beauty or our value.

The aim of this visual campaign is to redefine the modern conception fo beauty; it seems like today's idea of beauty leaves no space at all for self acceptance of ourself.

Illustrating what society usually defines as flaws, which actually are features that make everyone of us unique, I created stickers, postcars and badges so people can show them proudly: our beauty lies in our diversity.

This campaign wants to redefine the current value of beauty and make people reflect on the values of body positivity and acceptance.

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