︎︎︎  Made Originals campaign by Creator Network

Back in March 2022, Adidas and youth-led digital media platform GUAP have partnered to introduce a unique educational programme for supporting emerging young creatives in London.
‘The Originals Creator Network’ is a 12-month initiative that will "immerse participants in creative workshops led by industry experts, provide them with access to brand mentors and allow them to receive commissions to work on live Originals projects”.
Using its Originals store on central London's Carnaby Street as the scheme’s learning hub, the programme will provide both in-person and online guidance to chosen participants.

During August 2022, the Originals have taken over the Adidas shop in Carnaby Street, London, to celebrate their uniqueness and their creative vision. As a part of the network and as a visual artist, I had the pleasure to get involved with the art direction of the campaign, leading an insanely talented design team throughout the process. The window design and the installation features works by Trini-Maria Katakwe and Hope Spalding.

The deliverables for the campaign included 3D graphics for posters and postcards, animations and typography, following the brand’s guidelines. As a future oriented campaign, the designs feature metallic textures and an avant-garde look. 

Window design, in collaboration with Trini-Maria Katakwe and Hope Spalding

Launch zone installation, deisgned by me and illustrated by Trini-Maria Katakwe

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