︎︎︎ Ochi London - Brand Identity

Ochi is a London based independent music release platform and club night, created and run by dj Isaac Carter. As the name itself suggests, the project is a reference to the town of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where Isaac’s family ties have origins.

Inspired by Caribbean music, dance, and culture, Ochi’s goal is to foster an environment of fun and togetherness in the London nightlife scene. 

I was asked to come up with a brand identity to kickstart the project, focusing on logo and logotype design.

The name Ocho Rios means “Eight Rivers” in Spanish, so my research for the logo begun from rivers, waves, and water inspired movements and shapes. During my research, I learnt about the Tainos tribes, who used to inhabit the Caribbean before the european invasions. In their art pieces, Tainos used to associate water with spirals.

I also explored old folk tales such as River Mumma (often referred to as Mami Wata), a spirit of the waters. By diving deeper into the ancient spiritual Taino art, and by merging different visual elements, I designed a logo that combines shamanic imagery, the body of Coquì (an important frog deity in Taino religion) and the rays from the Sun god. A nod to club culture and the joy of jumping on the dancefloor.

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