︎︎︎ Poiesis - AI Generated Album Art

Poiesis (from Ancient Greek: ποίησις) is the act of generating something new that did not exist before.

Poiesis is a new tool created to help musicians creating unique cover art.

Merging different archives and training a model of Artificial Intelligence, Poiesis offers a new and innovative way to approach album art, blurring the lines between art, music, technology and graphic design.

It’s been proven multiple times that an effective album cover will increase the sales of the musical product. Yet today cove art is not considered as important as it used to be, probably because digitalization reduced the size of the artwork to small icons in our Spotify libraries.

My intent is to investigate the role of cover art and explore new technological and artistic frontiers to develop quality graphic design.


After generating hundreds of pictures, my intention was to make the project accessible for everyone and publish it on an online website.

The website has four main areas and the most important one is the one called “Create”

Logo Desgin

The logo for the project is inspired by the letter π (Pi), the first letter of the word Poiesis.
The shape also represents a portal to new horizons for computer art and music markets.



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