︎︎︎ Nadeem Din-Gabisi - Album Campaign

Nadeem Din-Gabisi is an audio and visual artist based in London.

His work is centred around the re-presentation of the black image, pertaining to people of African Descent and the limitlessness of what it means to be black, other and more than that.

Upcoming musical and visual project POOL is an autobiographical, conceptual-narrative album that examines moments of trauma and happiness in childhood. It uses those moments to explore mental health issues and coping mechanisms of many young black men, born in inner and outer London.

Inspired by a photoshoot portraying Nadeem as a lifeguard, I translated those images into 3D images and animations for singles’ releases. The images, paired with the songs’ lyrics, become evocative and more profound.
Nadeem’s story is enhanced by the visuals, as he becomes the narrator, subject and main character of these animations, as if they were different levels of a videogame. 

The songs are represented not only through animations, but also through a series of graphics which communicate each track’s back story.

The graphics are much more intimate and close to the artist’s conscience, and they are structured like a diary or a scrapbook. Memories, ripped photographs and scenes from the animations accompany the observer unveiling the meaning of each song. 

Special thanks to Charlie Millar and Au Contraire Music for involving me in this powerful project ︎

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