︎︎︎ Studio Mapalo - 3D Backdrop Design

Studio Mapalo is a London based sustainable fashion brand, making 1 of 1 pieces with a focus on craftmanship and storytelling. Founded and directed by designer Mapalo Ndhlovu, the brand combines different elements from the artist’s upbringing, drawing  from the merging of Zambian cultural elements, Yorkshire-inspired classic British silhouettes, and London’s bold and experimental streetwear.
Heavily influenced by ideas of Afrofuturism, outer space, and imagination, I was asked by the brand to produce a custom backdrop for the shoot of Studio Mapalo’s last collection, Black Infinity. Honing my 3D art skills through Cinema4D, I designed a unique backdrop featuring a sunset scene in a sci-fi inspired landscape from a distant planet, focusing on details, simplicity, and colors complementing the collection.

Creative Direction: Mapalo Ndhlovu
Photography: Ardy Bernardo
Lighting and Photography Assistant: Ade Lipede
Backdrop Design: Elisa Mazzuca

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