︎︎︎ TRA.VIS Magazine Artist Spotlight: Kayowa

TRA.VIS magazine (Translated Visions) founded in 2022 was created with the aim of placing representation at the forefront. For decades magazines have dictated the direction of societal fashion and provided cultural acceptance. TRA.VIS focuses on forging new pathways, opening doors of representation and empowering readers to act with transformational self-love.
In their latest digital feature, creative director, stylist and editor in chief Travis Williams interviews musician and artist Kayowa about her last sogn, LSP, a hint to a character from Adventure Time whose acronym stands for ‘Lumpy Space Princess’. In the words of Kayowa herself: “The song is about finding yourself, even though the world may misunderstand you”. 

Life is a constant journey of finding who you are, and It's never fixed or stationary, we're always on the go, says Kayowa. LSP reflects that process and focuses on telling people that, even though it may seem really dark right now. Just enjoy the ride and enjoy the chaos because when the chaos is over, you're going to
appreciate getting out of it.
In her interview, Kayowa discusses her creative process and her journey as an artist, and embraces the multifaceted aspect of her practice. Besides music, she also does graphic design, web design, video editing and modelling! She also discusses the importance of taking breaks when needed, and how authenticity is what truly is going to save creativity.

TRA.VIS Magazine was founded on Body Positivity and Self Love, and Kayowa relates to the matter, saying that to her “Body positivity is emulating that energy where regardless of how you and your body are perceived to everyone else, you know within yourself that you are amazing.“
The artist also discusses her relationship with social media and how online platforma and communities can create a snowball effect for artists and musicians such as herself. Kayowa keeps on challenging the algorithm however, as she does not confine herself into one niche. 

Finally Kayowa also speaks about her inspiration, coming from those who are brave enough to tell the truth regardless of consequences, and sheds a light on our generations’ collective activsim. 
Kayowa discusses the future of sustainable fashion, imagining alternative sources of materials, and also shares plans for her summer, which will see her performing at festivals and releasing more singles! 

Photographer / 3D Artist: Elisa Mazzuca
Photographer’s Assistant: Nick Jamison
Interview: Travis Williams
Stylist: Travis Williams
Stylist Assistants: Nandini Bhattacharya & Laxmi Jaiswal
MUA: Nerjs Issa
Studio: Soif Studios

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