︎︎︎ Nadeem Din-Gabisi

Nadeem Din-Gabisi is a storyteller, poet and musician. His first full length musical offering, POOL, is the beginning of an exploration of places and identities through a musical lens.

POOL is an examination of moments of trauma and happiness in childhood. I use those moments as a diving board to explore mental health issues and coping mechanisms of many young black men, born in inner and outer London. The album questions and attempts to answer why some of these men swim, why some sink and why some others don’t enter the POOL.

These images were captured in Croydon and Norwood, two places that were crucial in Nadeem’s personal and musical development. The pictures are accompanied by poems, notes, lyrics and reflections from the making of the album.

Gaffer: Ant Belle
Outfits Designer: Studio Mapalo
Production Assistant: Ke Tao

Shot, directed and produced by Elisa Mazzuca

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